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Vocational education and training

  • Consultation meetings;
  • Educational center and practice implementer;
  • Identify the needs of the facility;
  • Development of an informal training course tailored to the needs;
  • Participation in the open day and promotion of the training course (remotely).
  • Introduction to the developed course (the role of the teacher/instructor, functions, duties);
  • Training of the teacher/instructor/trainer in order to implement the training process;
  • Interim/Final Evaluation/Consultation.
  • Consulting the teacher/instructor/trainer during the implementation of the training process;
  • Recommendations after completing the training course.
  • Consultation meetings;
  • Identifying the needs of the educational center and practice facility;
  • Developing a syllabus tailored to the need;
  • Participation in an open day to promote the program (remote engagement).

The cost of the service is determined individually