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Satellite monitoring system service

In cooperation with the global provider EOS Data Analytics – EOSDA, Georgian Farmers’ Association offers farmers satellite imagery based on artificial intelligence.

With the help of high precision agricultural tools based on satellite system, farmers will be able to improve the quality of their farm products and will enhance their farming activities.

Within this cooperation, Georgian Farmers’ Association offers a professional subscription package on EOS Crop Monitoring platform, which is available to individuals interested in agriculture. As part of the service, the Association provides agricultural consultations and also supports farmers in further development of their technological skills and knowledge.

Advantages of the satellite monitoring system:


  • Timely detection of stressed areas on agricultural plots;
  • Ability to analyze historical data (based on last 5 years of satellite weather data);
  • Timely detection of correlation between weather data (precipitation, soil moisture, temperature stress) and deviations of vegetation indices of vegetation cover;
  • Ability to store agronomic activities and other records in one system.

Service Fee:

Annual package:

  • 0< 10 ha – additional 4.5 GEL per hectare;
  • Single consultation – 70 GEL;
  • Annual consulting package – 500 GEL (data processing and sending of consulting reports to an electronic address).