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Farmers’ Council

Farmers’ Council is the main advisory and advocacy body of the Georgian Farmers’ Association in the agricultural sector, which provides advocacy for farmers’ interests in the country’s agrarian and environmental policy. The farmers’ council unites more than 20 sectoral associations working in different sectors of agriculture.

Georgian Agrotourism Regional Association (GARA) was founded on May 14, 2020. The association aims to promote, advocate and support the development of agrotourism in Georgia. In order to diversify incomes, GARA supports rural households and farms in the introduction of agritourism services, thus ensuring livelihood improvement and business sustainability.

St. Tbilisi, Ateni str. 16a

Sectoral skills organization – “Agro Duo” was founded in 2019 by sectoral associations. The union ensures a match between vocational education and the labor market in the agricultural sector. The mission of the association is to provide quality professional education through the participation of the private sector.

St. Tbilisi, Ateni str. 16a
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Union “Georgian Wheat” was established in 2017 for the purpose of protection, propagation and distribution of endemic species of wheat under threat of extinction and local varieties (land-races) obtained by folk selection. More than 100 grain producers from all parts of Georgia, several organic and biodynamic farms, bakeries, supporters and volunteers are members of the association.

St. Tbilisi, G. Shatberashvili str. 2

Association of producers of decorative plants and forest-forming endemic species of Georgia was established in 2018 and currently unites about 40 farmers. The association actively works in the direction of uniting farmers producing decorative plants throughout Georgia and improving their economic situation.

Tbilisi, Didi Digomi, 3rd subdistrict., 20th Building. B20

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The Export Development Association (EDA) was established in 2012 to increase and diversify exports of Georgian enterprises. EDA is a membership-based association that brings together export-oriented Georgian entrepreneurs and service providers. The association offers Georgian exporters to expand their potential, provides export marketing plan development, export management services, target export market selection and overcoming trade barriers. Most of EDA’s members work in manufacturing sectors, however, at the same time, the association also includes representatives of the tourism industry. The association encourages Georgian companies to engage in export activities in order to expand their business and penetrate international markets. The core competence of the Export Development Association is to develop and implement a market entry strategy.

Tbilisi, V. Petriashvili str. 25/27
+(995) 0 32 2 147498

The Georgian Fish Breeders Association was founded in 2011 by specialists in the field. Today, 28 large, medium and small fish farms from all regions of Georgia are united in the association. Also, LLC is a member of the association. “” – environmental organization. The association has close relations with the international organization “Eurofish” and FAO commissions such as GFCM and CACFish. He has also been cooperating with the Italian Fish Breeders’ Association for several years.

Tbilisi, Monastery str. 8
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The Association of Seed Growers and Nurseries of Georgia was founded in 2021 by representatives of 10 nurseries in response to current changes and challenges in the sector and currently includes 24 farms, including producers of seed material for grain crops. The farms united in the association represent more than 50% of the qualified nurseries. In addition, the association is a member of the International Seed Federation. The main goal of the Association of Seed Growers and Nurseries of Georgia is to carry out activities promoting the development of the sector and within its framework to support the individual challenges of the members.

Tbilisi, Tsisartkela str. 46
+(995) 599 121 274

Berry Growers Association was founded on January 17, 2017 by a group of farmers. The main objectives of the association are: popularization of berry production, export promotion, value chain management and lobbying for agricultural legislation. The association unites 70 members, including farmers and cold storage farms. In addition to its member farmers, the Association of Berry Growers cooperates with non-member farmers as well. In addition, the association actively cooperates with various local and foreign associations, professional colleges. The Berry Growers Association is a member of the North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association, NARBA.

Gurjaani, Freedom Str. 80

Association of Georgian Shepherds was established in 2010. The aim of the association is to protect the interests of sheep farmers and provide consultation in various directions. In addition, one of the important directions of the association is the creation of a connecting bridge with the government and other organizations, through which it will be possible to promptly solve the problems arising for nomadic shepherds. Association of Georgian Shepherds unites mainly farms in Eastern Georgia.

Kakheti, Dedoplistskaro, Shota. Rustaveli str. 24
+(995) 599 567 131

In order to overcome the challenges in the herb production sector and to develop the field, in 2017, on the initiative of the public law corporation “Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and with the involvement of local producers, JSC “Georgian Herb Producers Association” was founded. The association unites about 300 members – cooperatives, companies and farmers from almost all regions of Georgia; There are 48 representatives of ethnic minorities among the members. The members of the association represent almost all participants of the value chain, namely: primary producers, collection points, cold storage farms, transport and export companies and producers of various products, including spices and canned goods.

Kutaisi, Shota Rustaveli str. 124
(431) 2 71400; +(995) 597 445 484; +(995) 577 445 484;;

The Association of Almond and Walnut Producers was founded by a group of farmers in 2018 and currently unites farmers working in the field. The area of activity of the association includes primary producers of almonds and walnuts, gardeners and farmers; almond and walnut processors; Dealers and exporters of products. By supporting education, conducting training-masterclasses, conducting numerous agri-management events and sharing experiences from different countries, the association enhances the visibility of each of its members in the agri-industry. The Association of Almond and Walnut Producers is a connecting link between the community working in the field and the state. With constant contact and involvement of members, the association tries to exchange information between the mentioned sectors as much as possible and provide appropriate assistance to farmers.

Tbilisi, Merab Kostava str. 47/57
+(995) 577 110 867 / +(995) 551 179 287

Association of Professional Beekeepers of Georgia was founded in December 1999. Branches of the association are located in Tbilisi and Kutaisi, where seminars are held in the autumn-winter period from the day of its establishment to the present day. From 1999 to 2010, the Association of Professional Beekeepers of Georgia published the quarterly newspaper “Bees and Beekeeping”. Currently, about 200 farmer beekeepers are united in the association, although much more beekeepers gather at seminars and other activities of the association. The association aims to: introduce and implement modern beekeeping experience, technologies, and scientific achievements of local and foreign countries for the development of beekeeping in Georgia; Coordination of professional beekeepers of Georgia, protection of their rights, promotion in production, processing and sale of beekeeping products.

Tbilisi, I. Gogebashvili str. 28, regional offices: Kutaisi, Rustaveli Ave. 124
+(995) 599 975 88, +(995) 599 630 261

The Georgian Milking Association was founded in 2018 and is an association of individuals and legal entities employed in agriculture, in particular milking, whose operation is based on the legislation and statutes of Georgia. The task of the association is to support dairy farmers in the development of their activities and the production of quality milk. Currently, the Georgian Dairy Association unites intensive dairy farmers throughout the country.

Tbilisi, Samgori str. 6
+(995) 599 208 054

Georgian Fruit Growing Association was founded in 2018. The main goal of the association is to determine the interests of fruit-growing farmers throughout Georgia and to promote their expression.

Gori, E. Tatishvili str. 1

Association “Forest Product” was founded in 2020, which is a newly created organization, the main goal of which is to promote the development of the following sectors related to the forest of Georgia and protect the interests: wood and non-wood forest products; Eco and forest-related tourism; biomass; green economy. The main activity of the association is to support the sustainable commercial use of forest products, which is carried out by private, cooperative, sectoral, state and public interest-oriented cooperation between individuals and legal entities engaged in the collection, cultivation, production and marketing of raw materials. Also, the association creates a cooperation platform to ensure business participation in the strategic planning and management processes of the industry; unites about 80 companies.

Tbilisi, Vazha-Pshavela Ave. 17

The Family Poultry Development Center of Georgia was founded in 2016. For the sixth year already, the center has been actively working for the sustainable development of the field, the survival and reproduction of the most important Georgian endemic varieties, and the creation of sustainable contributing factors for the production of ecologically clean bioproducts. The center cooperates with government institutions, the Austrian Development Agency and the Georgian Farmers’ Association at the local and regional level, on the basis of which a basic family poultry farm will be established and colored eggs containing low cholesterol will enter the market for the first time. Also, the center together with the United Nations has developed a modular training program in family poultry farming.

Tbilisi d/m. 6-21-81 Regional Offices: St. Mtskheta, Misaktsieli, Iveria, Jvari str. 7
+(995) 591 001 011, +(995) 591 001 199

The association was established on March 15, 2016, as a membership-oriented non-commercial, non-governmental structure, and today it unites 68 fish-breeding farmers and farms throughout Georgia. To achieve its mission, “Forage” actively cooperates with the country’s fish farming operators and various structures and organizations interested in the development of the industry, both nationwide and internationally.

Batumi, King Parnavaz Str. 73
+(995) 577 989 948

Association “Masters of Wine” was founded in 2013 and currently unites wine producers throughout Georgia. The association promotes the development of small wineries, natural winemaking and the restoration and development of the winemaking tradition. The aim of the association is: promotion of producers of natural wine; continuous improvement of wine quality of small wineries; Restoration and protection of terroirs.

Tsedisi village, Gori district
+(995) 599 981 805

Association of Tea Producers “Georgian Tea” was established in 1999 by the meeting of founders and is an organizational unit created by producers of tea raw materials and products, as well as legal and natural persons to achieve common goals related to sales. In order to popularize tea and, at the same time, establish it in the international and domestic markets, the association systematically manages relevant events; participates in various exhibitions and fairs; It organizes tea festivals every year.

Tbilisi, D. Sarajishvili str. 6
0 (32) 2 650810

The Association for the Development of Fruit and Berry Crops was founded in 2013 and currently unites 48 farmers on the regional scale of Samegrelo. The purpose of the association is to unite the voice of berry producers in order to improve the level of their products, simplify and export access.

Zugdidi, I. Javakhishvili str. 13
+(995) 571 888 877

The Association of Wheat and Flour Producers of Georgia was founded in 2012 and currently unites about 20 large and medium-sized mills across the country. In addition, he has constant communication with small mills and farmers. The mission of the association is to ensure the maximum strengthening of local production.

Tbilisi, 106 Beliashvili str. Mioni business center, 3rd floor
+(995) 599 621 452

The Rabbit Breeders’ Association of Georgia was founded in 2018 and currently unites farmers working in the field of skinning throughout Georgia.

Gardabani, Gamarjveba village
+(995) 599 191 711

Association Natural Wine was founded in Tbilisi in February 2017 by Georgian winegrowers and winemakers who are engaged in only organic (i.e. bio/biodynamic) viticulture and natural (natural) winemaking. The association promotes the development of natural viticulture-winemakers in Georgia, thereby handing over healthy and viable vineyards and ecosystems to future generations.

Rustavi, Al. Meskhisvili str. 11, Apt. 81
+(995) 555 708 881

Georgian Poultry Development Association was founded in 2009. It united 90% of the manufacturers operating in Georgia at that time. The aim of the association was to fully satisfy the Georgian market with locally produced products and to find export markets. This task was successfully completed in the direction of egg production, and in terms of poultry meat production – we have an annual increase. The association is in coordination with almost all industrial farms operating in the territory of Georgia. Identifying, overcoming problems and challenges in the field and taking care of future development

Tbilisi, Baratashvili str. 2
+(995) 599 504 910 ; +(995) 599 613 022

The Association of Farmers and Beekeepers of the Ambrolauri District of the Mountainous Regions of Georgia was founded on September 6, 2004 and is a voluntary association of legal and physical persons employed in beekeeping.

Ambrolauri, Kostava str. 7
+(995) 599 971 775

Association “Farmer of the Future” was founded in 2007 and actively functions to support the development of the field and the establishment of modern systems. Association services include: hotline, counseling (including online counseling), training center, educational projects, advocacy. The mission of the association is to support farmers, entrepreneurs, field specialists and representatives of the civil sector in the development of agricultural fields, economic-social systems and the formation of modern approaches.

Tbilisi, Agladze str. 79b
+(995) 596 494 494