Free Services

Georgian Farmers’ Association enables you to benefit from the following services:


► Use of electronic library and availability of sectoral literature;

► Possibility to participate in a work-based learning project;

► Access to GFA’s database and contacts of the all GFA’s members;

► Receive a letter of recommendation on behalf of GFA;

► Receive information on participation in different events such as training, seminars, workshops, study tours, and trade fairs;

► Vote and be voted in GFA’s Farmers’ Council;

► Use GFA’s logo on their website;

► Consultations (e.g. Agronomist) and other useful information;

► Promotion of your products by TV, GFA’s web site and social media;

► Become a user of mobile application Agronavti;

► Certification (Geo GAP), certify your product’s quality by a certificate;

► Support in market access and matchmaking;

► Receive information on different grant projects and benefit from consultations during filling out applications;

► Design of logo for company and/or product

► Participation in international educational programmes such as distance learning opportunities implemented by Cambridge International College

You can receive all the necessary marketing services needed for your work)

Marketing Services:

►  Strategic Marketing

►  Advertising

►  Branding

►  Graphic design

►  Digital marketing

►  Social media marketing

►  Website development

►  Production

For more information, please call: +0322 19 30 03