Good Governance for Gender Equality in Georgia (GG4GEG)

Project Title: Good Governance for Gender Equality in Georgia (GG4GEG)

Implementation Period: August 2021 – May 2023

Through the UN Women funded project, the GFA aims to strengthen the socio-economic resilience of women across Georgia, who are involved in agritourism. Within the framework of the given project, a series of activities will take place, in order to reinforce the aforementioned goal.

For the 2-year project, the GFA in partnership with the UN Women plans to: engage in the process of creation of the agritourism legislative framework; identify women at a country-wide scope who are involved in agriculture/agritourism; provide capacity-building opportunities to women through financial (grant) packages and assistance in branding and marketing; stimulate the process of formation of local and/or international standards for agritourism enterprises; develop a digital map for agritourism premises; support entrepreneurs to join agritourism associations; enhance the skills of entrepreneurs through the trainings in hospitality; initiate instillation of agritourism learning module in professional institutions; participate in the development of specifically designed banking, insurance and state programs for agritourism entrepreneurs; incorporate local and international tour operators; kickstart the local informational campaign to raise awareness on agritourism properties; position Georgia as an agritourism destination in the international press.

As a direct outcome of the sequence of planned activities, 100 women entrepreneurs in Georgia, will be better equipped to generate more income from their agritourism premises, become more exposed to local and international markets and have all the necessary tools, skill-set to form linkages.