Lado Basilidze

Lado Basilidze joined the Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA) as a Senior Expert Scientist in November, 2020. In addition, Lado holds various positions in other organizations, namely: he is a head of bio-production project at the German-Georgian joint enterprise – “Caucasus Organic Fruits Ltd.” (since 2018), he is also coordinator of scientific project at the Agricultural University of Georgia (since 2019) and project consultant at the Biological Farming Association – „Elkana” (since 2020). During 2016-2018, Lado was a project manager at the “Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA)” and also a scientific project assistant at the Agricultural University of Georgia. In 2017, Lado was a Fellow of the German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ). In 2015, Lado held the position of Environmental Project Assistant at the “Caucasus Environmental NGOs Network (CENN)”.

Lado holds a Master’s Degree in Forestry from Agricultural University of Georgia. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Tourism from Guram Tavartkiladze’s Tbilisi’s Teaching University. During one semester in 2014, Lado studied forestry at the Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS) in Prague. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in forestry at the Agricultural University of Georgia. Lado is fluent in Georgian, English and Russian.