BioValue Project

Project: Fork-to-farm agent-based simulation tool augmenting BIOdiversity in the agri-food VALUE chain

Duration: October 2021 – September 2025

Funded under: H2020-EU.3.2.1. – Sustainable agriculture and forestry 

The EU-funded BIOVALUE project employs a bottom-up approach to develop the BIOVALUE tool, a dynamic and customisable agri-food value chain biodiversity analysis tool. Researchers will use it to introduce, model, evaluate, breed, produce and spread specifically selected genetically diverse underutilised crops and develop marketable, certified culinary products. By responding to consumer demand to enhance agrobiodiversity in agroecosystems, BIOVALUE will secure the crops’ future market performance and their cultivation viability. Moreover, a modelled user-friendly ready-to-work framework will be used to produce a set of key performance indicators for measuring policy quality and impact, environmental evolution and compliance with regulations; the aim is to introduce underutilised, genetically diverse crops to the value chain, which will further enhance biodiversity.