Produced by Women

We would like to introduce their stories to you: how they started, what they created and their future plans.

Women need the support from each of us in order to overcome their fears, develop their creative potential and actively participate in building the country’s economy.


Irma Chkhaidze

Irma makes bread in the small village of Guria Partzhma. Her bread is being sold in Chokhatauri and Ozurgeti and is known as Irma’s Bread. She runs her own business and has two female employees. Her husband supports the family business by providing transportation services. For Easter and Christmas, in addition to her usual breadstuffs, Irma makes special types of bakery products, which significantly increases sales.


Lela Khmelidze

Lela runs family hotel “Lela” in the Lechkhumi region, in the village of Korenishi. The village sits like a bell tower on the mountain, overlooking Lechkhumi. Since 2017, in “Lela” they host visitors from Georgia and other countries. Together with the hired staff, Lela’s family members are involved in the business. The hotel “Lela” serves local cuisine, made only from natural products. The hotel also provides excursion services with their own safe transport to beautiful areas of Lechkhumi.

Natia Chakhunashvili

Natia’s “White House Burgers’’ make delicious burgers. In “ White House Burgers’’ they make all the food themselves. That is probably why everything is so tasty there. Natia’s business is young and not big, but it has already won the hearts of regular customers.


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