Success Stories

Modern technologies for modern farmers


Rustavi city;

Kakha Tutberidze  32 years-old;


Agriculture sector plays an important role in the process of a country economic development.

To be successful in business, a farmer, among other skills, must possess a wide range of information and have special knowledge, for example, a farmer should have knowledge of agricultural statistics, understand all aspects of insurance programs and have access to information about financing.

To ensure successful sales, one should have access to the relevant markets.

The Agronaut  mobile application, launched in 2017 with financial support from the USAID Zdra project, is a B2B platform aimed at helping farmers find markets for their products and successfully implement them. The mobile application is an easy-to-use resource that allows farmers to access both existing and new sales markets. Currently, over 2,000 farmers  are registered with Agronaut.



Kakha Tutberidze, 32, is one of 2,000 farmers  who sells his product using Agronaut. Work with this application guarantees the buyer quality products, because the delivery is carried out through the Georgian distribution company which has proper control of the products sold by farmers.


An accountant by profession and today a successful farmer Kakha Tutberidze turned his idea into a successful business, having built, together with his friend, a greenhouse for growing lettuce.

“Within the project “Produce in Georgia” we received a land plot of 3,000 m2 in Rustavi on the right bank of the Mtkvari River. Then we started building a greenhouse; we ourselves invested in the construction. To grow crops, we had to take Agro Credit.

In the initial stage, we got three tons of yield, and that was where we encountered the main difficulty of how to sell the entire crop. The sale of the product was possible only at Dezerter Bazar (the largest open-air market in Tbilisi). The above way of a product sale led to erratic sales and unstable prices. Market entry was based on the lottery principle. As a result, the success of our business was at stake. Before I accidentally met the Agronaut mobile application on the Internet, I was about to abandon my business. Shortly after registration, I was contacted by the Georgian Farmers Association, which marked the beginning of my friendship with Agronaut.”

At first, a young farmer grew only two types of lettuce “Bionda” and “Lollo Rosa”. Based on the recommendations given by GFA, Georgian Farmer Distribution Company and the Adjara Group (where products on Agronaut are sold), Kakha Tutberidze began growing different types of lettuce that are not yet produced in Georgian markets. The emergence of new varieties on the market will help replace imported goods, which will be a large demonstration effect in the industry and a huge motivation for Georgian farmers.

“In Georgia, compared to other crops, lettuce is widely produced. Based on the recommendations of  GFA and the Georgian Farmers’ Distribution company, I began to grow the varieties that were most in demand such as Mizuna, Kale, Pak Choi, Rocket and Fennel. Thanks to the Agronaut application, product sales have increased so much that it is now necessary to build another greenhouse. In a few months, the construction of a new greenhouse of 1,000 m2 will be completed.”