Rural Economic Empowerment in South Caucasus Countries

Project Title: Rural Economic Empowerment in South Caucasus Countries

Donor: Sida / Helvetas Swiss Incorporation

Timeframe: 01.06.2022 -31.12.2022

The overall objective of the project is the rural revitalization in the South Caucasus countries for the economic empowerment. The GFA has also identified the following specific objectives (SOs):

  • SO1: Conduct Research on Rural/Agritourism industry actors in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan:
  • SO2: Capacity building of key stakeholders in South Caucasus countries (e.g. Destination Management Organizations – (DMOs) etc.), to ensure the enhancement of local tourism operators’/actors’ capabilities.
  • SO3: Promotion of digital booking platform and improvement of users’ operational capacities to ensure the introduction of modern Sales and Marketing practices within agritourism enterprises at a regional level.
  • SO4: Improvement of market positioning of Georgian agritourism enterprises at an international level, through the creation of pilot national quality Standard.
  • SO5: Institutional building between agritourism players in South Caucasus through experience sharing.