Improved local sourcing of traditional agrifood products in Georgia

FAO/EBRD supported project “Improved local sourcing of traditional agrifood products in Georgia,” implemented in partnership with Elkana, aims to facilitate linkages between tourism and agriculture in a way to foster traditional local productions and improve the distribution of benefits along the value chain. The main objective of the project is to promote more inclusive tourism value chains and to preserve the country’s food and biodiversity heritage, by:


  • linking leading players of the tourism sector with local producers of specialty food products, including women and young farmers;
  • promoting agritourism with a special focus on genuine Georgian gastronomy and biodiversity preservation.


The project has three main components: a) identification and upgrading of special food quality products/value chain to link with tourism; b) promoting special quality products through market linkages and rural tourism; and c) disseminate assignment results to foster similar approaches in other countries.


Key project activities include: i) work with Georgia’s tourism players and Ho.Re.Ca. partners to identify possible collaborations and propose a work plan for sourcing local pilot products; ii) support the development of Georgian agri-food products produced from endemic varieties/breeds with high potential for gastronomy and market promotion through tourism and export; iii) improve backward linkages between selected tourism and Ho.Re.Ca. industry players and local agribusiness/farmers in order to ensure an efficient level of coordination for quality and reliability of supplies; and iv) raise awareness amongst public and private stakeholders on (sustainable) rural tourism and Georgian gastronomy.  Sharing this experience with public and private authorities is intended to ultimately facilitate scaling out of sustainable agritourism activities and traditional culinary heritage in Georgia.