Local Leaders Embrace Sustainable Development in Multi-Ethnic Tsalka Municipality.

From 2019  GFA (with coordination of CENN)  supports a Project implementation:  Local Leaders Embrace Sustainable Development in Multi-Ethnic Tsalka Municipality.

GFA is instrumental in supporting activities related to agriculture and farming, including capacity building of LAG members and VGs and supporting farmers and entrepreneurs in planning and implementation of financed projects. The GFA works with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups (i.e. ethnic and religious minorities, eco-migrants, IDPs, people with disabilities, LGBTQI community) in under-represented and poor communities.


The support of GFA, which is well-established in Tsalka and the Kvemo Kartli region, is instrumental during the community mobilisation process to ensure that VGs, rural women, youth, people with disabilities, IDPs, eco-migrants, and minorities are engaged in the action and to create meaningful opportunities for women’s participation and leadership, empowering disadvantaged community groups, and ensuring that they benefit from the project via access to information, education, skills training, pilot projects, etc. The GFA leads the capacity building of farmers, entrepreneurs and the LAG in the fields of sustainable agricultural practices, including measures for risk mitigation and adaptation to climate change, value chain development, farm management, food safety, marketing, and access to finance, as well as the WBL program. The GFA provides experts in the fields of agriculture, food safety, hygiene and HACCP and business development and market analysis.