“Labour rights and occupational health and safety for farmers and employees” project

The project “Labour rights and occupational health and safety for farmers and employees” was implemented in 2021 July-October period by Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA) within “Safe Business is Your Choice” campaign that is run by Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). The project was aiming to raise awareness of farmers, permanent and seasonal employees on labor rights and occupational health and safety legislation.

Within the project GFA has updated and developed training modules, collaborated standardized documentation that can be used by farmers to comply with legislation. For example, generic one-page labour agreements and delivery-acceptance acts with seasonal workers. Three trainings were conducted that were attended by more than forty farmers and company representatives from many sub-sectors of agriculture. Three short thematic videos were taken within the project: one was about labor rights and legislation, another was about horticultural sector and the last one about livestock sector. A brochure, where examples of different safety scenarios were demonstrated with pictures of wrong and right actions,  was printed and distributed. All study materials and videos were published on GFA’s web-page and is accessible for public. 

As a follow up, representatives of farms and companies implemented concrete actions and improved labor rights of employees, as well as, working conditions and safety:

  • 18% conducted risk assessment according to legislation;
  • Another 18% purchased personal protective equipment for employees such as a respirator, chemically resistant clothes, glasses, gloves, rubber boots, etc.;
  • 27% conducted instructions and trainings for employees using study materials prepared within the project; 
  • 45% used agreement/delivery-acceptance act/timesheet templates.

Overall, the project had great success and GFA continues to raise awareness of farmers and share best practices around these topics.

Useful documents:

GFA Practical Guideline for Farmers and Employees in Agricultural Sector

Training/Instruction attendance sheet template

Labour Agreement and Delivery-Acceptance Act (filled in example)

Labour Agreement and Delivery-Acceptance Act (empty)