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Rights of GFA members:


  • Right to receive information on relevant topics for GFA’s activities
  • Access and right to participate in GFA’s relevant activities
  • Right to choose if members would like to share their contact information to others
  • Right to access GFA’s database and contacts of all GFA’s members
  • Right to obtain a certificate confirming GFA membership
  • Right to bring up issues to GFA’s Farmers’ Council through their representative
  • Right to contribute and support GFA’s advocacy activities
  • Access different events such as training, seminars, workshops, study tours, and trade fairs
  • Right to participate in surveys and focus-groups
  • Right to access relevant meeting minutes and reports including GFA’s annual reports


Responsibilities of GFA members:


  • Take active participation in the work of the Association
  • Respect and follow GFA’s regulations defined in charter
  • Consult with GFA before taking position in public on issues relevant for GFA; If members’ opinion is different from the opinion of GFA, members should speak on their behalf and not on behalf of GFA
  • Protect and raise reputation of GFA
  • Restrain from actions and conduct which could incur material damage to the Association, or tarnish the reputation of the Association
  • Spread the idea and goals of the Association

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