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Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA) is an umbrella organization founded in 2012, which unites more than 5,000 farmers.  The mission of the association is to strengthen the agriculture sector in Georgia and improve quality of life of Georgian farmers through bringing them together and improve their visibility.  GFA’s core activities are based on providing farmers with support and advocacy, building their capacity and networking capabilities, and empowering them and the agriculture sectors they are involved in by bringing the best agricultural practices and expertise.  The Association acts as a facilitator between the government and farmers. GFA’s actions and initiatives are implemented in line with the mandate adopted by its members.

The association supports farmers to make the use of services necessary for the development of agribusiness.  GFA works effectively with government agencies, is actively involved in formation of the Agricultural Development Strategy and Policy. The Association is a privileged partner of COPA-COGECA (The Union of EU Farmers and Agri-cooperatives, Affiliated member of the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO), a member of various governmental and non-governmental boards (including, Scientific-Advisory Council of the Agrarian Issues Committee of the parliament, the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Civic Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development and others).

GFA has established and manages the Farmers’ Council – an essential advocacy and consulting platform of the Association, which protects farmers’ interests.    The Georgian Agrotourism Regional Association (GARA) has also been established by the Association, which is focusing on the development of agrotourism.